Defense Medical Exam Nurse Advocate/ DME Fact witness

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Our LNCN team will save you time and money by attending the DME, preparing a detailed report and testifying to the facts of the exam if warranted.

Don't leave your client alone; have a nurse DME advocate(guard) on your Plaintiff’s side at the DME. They can protect your client and assist attorneys in understanding the medical facts, and what took place during the exam.

Defense medical exams can be adversarial, stressful and your client may experience great stress during exam when faced with a hostile doctor. The LNCN DME advocate are professional registered nurses trained in assessment techniques and are respected for their professionalism by medical doctors.

Your client should have a fair and reasonable exam. An LNCC  DME advocate will observe the medical exam and ensure it is properly confined to the medical issue at hand and not turn into a medical deposition. Our experienced nurses guarantee the adherence to all civil codes of procedure and protect your client from revealing information that may affect the outcome of your case.

Our DME advocate services include:

  • Implement attorney requirements for the exam
  • Call the plaintiff client the night before to introduce themselves and create a plan to meet before the exam.
  • During the exam, the LNC will actively documents and audio record conversations.
  • Verify times related to the exam in DME report.
  • Document your client’s reactions to the exam process.
  • Document the physician's role and questions during the exam.
  • Document tests performed; photos taken during the exam.
  • Create a detailed, written report for an attorney within 48 hours.
  • Review MD DME report- LNC can review the MD DME report for inconsistencies of facts and misstatement from client help attorney prepare settlement papers. ( Additional Service)
  • Rebuttal witness in court-The DME advocate can/will testify about discrepancies between what occurred in the DME exam versus what the physician claimed occurred. ( Additional Service)

Why use an independent LNC (Registered NURSE) as your

Courts have ruled that an observer can attend and audio record DME exams. While some attorneys /paralegals attend exams, they are not familiar with medical tests or instruments/measurements.  They have problems recalling/identifying important details of the examination when the doctor is asking questions at lightning speed. Nurses are trained in medical assessments/ jargon and are better prepared to report on what happened in the exam. Also, as they are independent contractors, and health care professionals they can testify to the facts, and they would not be biased by a jury/judge as a paralegal or attorney might be.

Protect your client – call LNCN and send a professional Nurse observer to their DME.

** LNCN DME Advocates are available to attend DME with your client in New York/Connecticut / Palm beach County, Florida. We can also have national DME Advocates that can serve your client in many of the United States.