Toxic Tort & Environmental cases evaluation

Legal Nurse Consultants Network

Our LNCN team will save you time and money by managing the voluminous electronic and paper medical record review so you can focus on the legal elements of the case.

Toxic Tort & Environmental Cases

  • LNCC uses nursing ability and general science background in preparing cases with objectivity and careful analysis and works as a liaison with experts in a multidisciplinary team approach to this novel area of litigation.
  • Evaluate medical, school, military, occupational records, lifestyle habits to establish the validity of and extent injury.
  • Identify the specifics of exposure during the initial review of medical records.
  • Perform literature searches, access online databases to the regulatory and advisory agencies.
  • Review insurance/Medicare charges to obtain missing records
  • Obtain request for authorization from the plaintiff for additional providers with attorney and timely acquisition of updated records from known providers before deposition
  • Check ancillary records such as pharmacy, autopsy, alternative medicine, military, policy and procedure, staffing documents.
  • Try to prove or disprove the causal link between exposure and injury.
  • Compare post-exposure complaints to pre-existing medical problems.
  • Identify contributory negligence or alternative causation during medical record, including:
  • Review failure to seek timely treatment.
  • Review failure to use safety equipment.
  • Failure to use safety equipment.
  • Misusing the product.

Create chronologies that paginate medical records and cite pages in the summary that are user friendly for non-medical professionals, such as attorneys, insurance adjusters, and workers' compensation panel.

Help to select appropriate experts and interact as liaison with experts as the case develops.

LNCN Process :

  • Discuss project parameters/deadlines with the attorney in charge
  • Send contract/fee schedule/and obtain a retainer
  • Create LNC team (when required)/distribute cases/monitor progress with weekly meeting
  • LNC team will organize, summarize, and review medical charts for large plaintiff cases
  • Communicate via email/phone to attorneys with updates on the progress
  • Create a report with requested information/analysis