Offshore Chronology Service Review and Evaluation

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Our LNCN team will save you time and money by filling in the information gaps and supplying supportive research.

Offshore chronology reports are created by foreign  medical personnel and can contain terminology mistakes, missing pages of information.

Our all-American team of Nurses can provide a quick second look at the Off-shore chronology reports  for accuracy and completeness. The LNCN team of American Nurses knows American  hospital and office records, American  accepted abbreviations, handwritten documentation and can weigh Medical /Nursing care given against known American Standards and Guidelines.

The LNCN  team does not skip pages that are difficult to decipher. We can request  missing documentation or additional files for completeness and create medically related questions to clarify offshore chronology contents.

The LNCN team  can research and  support chronology facts  with targeted articles that will support your case.