Medical Record Review /Targeted Chronology/ Timelines/Narrative Reports

Legal Nurse Consultants Network

Our LNCN team will save you time and money by creating a targeted ,focused chronology that isolates relevant facts with an explanation of why it is important to the case while noting pre-existing conditions and discrepancies in care.

Our chronologies educate and   allows attorneys  to formulate questions and affidavits and prepare for deposition and trial. LNCN chronologies are user friendly for non-medical professionals, such as attorneys, insurance adjusters, and workers' compensation panel.

  • The LNCN is a team of American Nurses who knows American Standards of Care hospital and office records, medical jargon and acronyms, abbreviations, handwritten documentation LNCN does not skip pages difficult to decipher. We can rapidly scan, and discard unnecessary data.
  • The LNCN team can weigh medical and nursing care given against known American standards and guidelines.
  • The LNCN team is familiar with American standards of care and practices guidelines, policy and procedures, staffing complexities including patient staff ratio, staffing shift protocols, credentialing.
  • The LNCN team will request missing documentation or additional files for completeness and create questions to clarify chronology contents along with support chronology with targeted medical research.


The chronology will have 4 columns with Bate Stamp pagination, Date and time column, Facility and Provider of care column, Treatment Column, And an LNC comment column with thought provoking information where the LNCN team analyzes crucial facts of daily care from the complex medical records relevant to winning the case. The chronology also notes missing documents and will flag inconsistencies in the medical record.